my 6 favourite natural & healthy caffeine substitutes

So you want to consume less caffeine? From my personal experience, I know that it's not easy and to be honest, during my caffeine detox, I suffered quite a lot. That's why I want to share some natural & healthy caffeine substitutes with you here.

Be aware though that if you are doing a real caffeine detox, you will most likely experience withdrawal symptoms. Ideally, if you want to do a detox, reduce your caffeine consumption slowly and gradually replace caffeine with the following healthy caffeine substitutes.

We know caffeine wakes you up but simultaneously it makes you addicted & nervous. That's why I think it makes sense to incorporate more natural and healthy substitutes. So let's start with the easiest substitutes:

Easy natural caffeine substitutes

#1 Drink water, loads of it. Whoever wants to me mentally fit should make sure to drink enough water during the day, at least 2-3 litres per day. Water deficiency leads to diminishing performance and lack of concentration. If you want more taste, pimp your water with some fresh herbs & fruits. Fresh mint, cucumber, strawberries, blueberries, oranges & lemon are perfect. Additionally, there are many apps that remind you to drink water, my favourite one is Water Drink Reminder. Ideally, you should start your day with a big cup of room temperature water in the morning when you wake up.

Natural & Healthy caffeine substitutes - water

#2 Nuts & Dry Fruits have a really high energy & nutrient density and are perfect energy suppliers. In this case, I don't mean the salted versions but the all natural ones. They are great healthy caffeine substitutes because you can easily pack them and carry them around. Try to avoid snacking on them all day long because they have a lot of calories too. Instead, eat a small hand full every time you would usually consume caffeine.

Healthy caffeine substitutes - nuts

#3 Dark Chocolate, meaning chocolate that has a high amount of cocoa. The higher the amount of cocoa, the more bitter the taste gets and the healthier it is. The ingredients of cocoa protect your heart, strengthen your brain capacity and your psyche. To be qualified as dark chocolate the cocoa or cacao percentage has to be equal or bigger than 70%. When you buy dark chocolate, try find brands that don't use sugar or only small amounts of natural sugar.

Healthy Caffeine Substitutes

#4 Maca root, a plant that grows in the high Andes. Inca civilisation uses the root since thousands of years as a natural medicine. Maca root is known for having a stimulating effect on your energy and memory and it's supposed to have an aphrodisiac effect too. You can easily mix Maca powder into your Smoothie, juice, yoghurt, porridge or cereals. 1-2 tablespoons are enough for one day. I especially like Iswari's Maca powder.

healthy caffeine substitute - Maca

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#5 Energy balls, the small energy boosters. Energy balls are one of my favourites as healthy caffeine substitutes because they simultaneously are a snack or a dessert. They are made of nuts, dates and other kinds of superfoods, really the perfect combination. This is one of my favourite recipes from Deliciously Ella, it's very fast and they really taste delicious. Usually, I'm making a big batch and then freeze part of them.

Healthy Caffeine Substitutes - Energy balls

Photo - Deliciously Ella

#6 Wheatgrass Shots, they look mean but can work miracles. Those 7-10 day old wheat sprouts are full of highly concentrated vitamins and nutrients. It is easiest to digest in juice form. This little miracle improves your digestion, your immune system and helps against fatigue, to name just a few. You should be able to get it in most bio-stores or you can order it online. Be aware that the taste needs some time to get used to though.

healthy caffeine substitutes

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As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities for healthy caffeine substitutes. Those are just my favourite 6 substitutes but there are plenty more out there. So what do you think, are you ready for a little caffeine detox? You could make a challenge out of it with your colleagues or friends, 7 days no coffee...

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