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Does your lifestyle make you sick?

You might not believe it but most of the time our lifestyle is the root to all sorts of diseases.


➤ Are you constantly feeling bloated?

➤ Do you overeat when you’re stressed?

➤ Are you tired of diets and counting calories?

➤ Do you constantly have low energy?

➤ Do you fall back on take-out food when you have a lot to do?

➤ Does your doctor warn you about Diabetes?

➤ Is your bowel constantly irritated?

➤ Do you not know when to stop eating?


You’ll never follow another diet for the rest of your life.

That’s where I come into your life, I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to connect yourself to your core again.

"Your body knows exactly how to deal with it, you just have to learn to listen to the signs it gives you"


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Hi, I’m Kris, I’m a
Yin Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health & Nutrition Consultant for women that are :

Ready to live a life full of energy

Ready to nurture themselves with delicious, fresh, healthy food

Ready to value and respect the signs their body is giving them

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Who, once and for all want to live in harmony with their body and mind.

How I went from constantly overeating and a constantly irritated bowel to leading a life full of energy in total harmony with my body and mind.

Before I discovered my passion for everything health and nutrition related, I did a Bachelor in Economics and a Master in Management, always unsure what to do with these degrees. So I started working as a recruiter because I knew I liked being in touch and helping others.

After a total breakdown, I realised that this kind of life wasn’t for me. After several months of therapy, I discovered how it fascinates me to understand how our eating behaviour influences our mental and physical well-being. Eventually I started a one year certificate at the International Institute of Naturopathy in Switzerland as an Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultant/ Holistic Health Coach.

I have since helped many women solve their weight-, intestine-, skin-, cardiovascular and lack of energy problems.

I’m convinced that everyone is different and what works for one might not necessarily work for someone else. It’s my mission to help and support you to find out what works best for you and to get you on track for the live you desire to live.

5 reasons why you should work with me ( + book a free discovery call)

#1 I have gone through the same struggles than you. I know exactly how it feels

#2 I have a certificate from an internationally recognised institution.

#3 When you work with me, you get ME: someone that really, truly cares about you, with great intuition and a whole lot of knowledge and patience – the whole package

#4 I’m compassionate, a great listener and I’ll give you the push you need when you can’t and hold you accountable

#5 more than 200 women signed up to the first Healthy Habit Challenge I organised. Still 3 months later, I got emails from participants about how much it has helped them

"It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not"

Are you ready to change?

Let’s talk about how this change can look for you and how I can help you get there.
Book your free 30 min discovery call with me below. I can’t wait to get to know you. 

Official Bio for Kris Oak

Kristin Eyschen aka Kris Oak is a Yin Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health & Nutrition Consultant for women that are ready to live a life full of energy, to nurture themselves with delicious, fresh, healthy food, that want to value and respect their health and the signs their body is giving them.

Kris has a Bachelor in Economics, a Master in Management and a certificate from the International Institute of Naturopathy in Switzerland. Apart from Health Coaching, Kris has experience as a public speaker and helping start-ups set up wellness programmes.

Her first 30-day-challenge was a huge success, with more than 200 women signing up within just a couple of days and being shared by several influencers. You can enrol >>HERE<< to be updated for future Healthy Habit Challenges.

Kris is born and grew up in Luxembourg but is living abroad since 2009, when she moved to Innsbruck Austria. Afterwards she moved to Cape Verde, then Lisbon and her latest home is in Munich, Germany.