Ep.2 The Bravely Balanced Podcast

Who doesn't know the shame of feeling guilty because we're doing nothing? We feel that we're lazy and don't deserve to have some time indulging in the sweetness of not doing anything.

This is my 1st episode in English.

Talking about one of my favourite topics, the shame we often feel doing nothing.

Get ready for some funny stories

I'll share some funny stories what lengths I would go to, to pretend I was working when clearly I would do nothing at all.

We'll talk about some of the reasons why we often feel guilty doing nothing.

You will get some clues about how to change it and I'll encourage you to ask yourself, if you know what it means to do nothing for you personally.

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P.S. if you'd like to read more about my way with anxiety & panic attacks, check out this blogpost

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