Beginner Cold Press Juicer | What you should consider

As a fan of juices, especially green juices, I got my 1st cold press juicer recently. I'd like to share with you why I chose this specific model and if it holds up to my juicing needs.

cold press juicer - 1st green juice I ever made

1st-Green Juice

I used to drink green smoothies for breakfast, using a 0.75l jar filled to the top, for a couple of months but then got a bit tired of it. However I didn't want to give up green drinks completely because I know how important the 5 portions of fruits & veggies are per day and what easier way then to blend them into a smoothie or juice.

So I started to investigate about what kind of juicers do exist and which are considered better for leafy greens and of course what are the price differences.

What kind of juicers are there?

First important thing I learned while researching was that there are 2 main types of juicers out there currently, the centrifugal juicers and the cold press juicer or slow masticating juicer.

Centrifugal Juicer

A centrifugal juicer spins the fruits and vegetables until they split into juice and pulp. They can spin from around 3.000 to 16.000 RPM and through the sheer force of centrifugal power, the juice is extracted.


  • often cheaper than a cold press juicer
  • easier to clean
  • available in almost all electrical & department stores


  • very noisy
  • through the high speed oxidation is caused, which destroys enzymes and nutrients
  • produce isn't penetrated deeply enough to extract nutrients

Cold Press Juicer or Slow Masticating Juicer

These juicers crush and then press fruits and vegetables to extract the highest amount of juice possible, they are basically chewing the produce.


  • great for leafy greens, herbs and grasses
  • more juice extracted
  • preserves more nutrients and enzymes


  • more expensive
  • time consuming due to food preparation, needs to be cut into smaller pieces
  • cleaning the juicer takes more time

cold press juicer vs. centrifugal juicer

juicing benefits -

After considering all those facts, I decided I want a cold press juicer. The really great ones cost easily up to 600€. If you can spare some money for a juicer I recommend you take a look at brands like Kuvings and Hurom. I'll buy one of these one day, but for now it has to be a cheaper version, so I had to find a cold-press juicer that was under 200€ and could still juice leafy greens... Those were my criteria.

At first, I thought I would have to buy a centrifugal juicer after all because all the cheaper cold press juicers had bad reviews but then I found the Moulinex ZU5008. The price was perfect, right under 150€ and seemed qualitatively good enough to handle my beloved leafy greens. Nowadays the price for this juicer increased and they have a newer version the Moulinex ZU255B10 for under 200€.

 cold press juicer in all its pieces

Moulinex ZU5008 disassembled

So when I got the juicer for Christmas, first challenge was, how to get it from Luxembourg, where my family lives, to Portugal, where I currently live? In the end, it was no problem putting it into my suitcase and taking it on the plane. I took it completely apart and wrapped my clothes around all the pieces and stuffed it into my (rather big) suitcase.

I chose a weekend to press my first juice, so I could make sure I'd have time to understand how everything works. All in all, the juicer makes a quite solid impression, the only thing that doesn't seem very solid are the plastic pieces, which are the 3 part feed tube, the bowl and the jugs, but let's see what happens when actually one of those pieces has its first accident.

I have to say, I'm super happy with my juicer, it juices leafy greens without problems so far and it's fairly priced compared to the top slow-masticating juicers out there

Beginner Cold Press Juicer Assembled

Moulinex ZU5008

Some notes:

  • make sure to cut the produce into small enough pieces, otherwise it will get stuck between the feed tube and pressing screw and you have to untangle it.
  • In case you want to use Bananas or Avocados, make sure you put them into the freezer previously for about 1 hour, if they are too smooth, they will clog the juice filter. Haven't tried it yet with the coulis filter though, that might be easier because the holes of the filter are slightly bigger.
  • Concerning the cleaning, I have to say it's ok but I know through reading other cold press juicer reviews that it's always some work to take all the pieces apart and cleaning them. All in all, I'd say the cleaning takes tops 10 minutes, what takes longest is to clean the filter. To clean the filter, Moulinex delivers a little brush which makes it slightly easier to clean.

Cold Press Juicer

Me drinking green juice

For whomever wants a cold press juicer as a 1st juicer, I can only recommend you guys the Moulinex ZU5008, for the price, I think it does a really good job. 

There's also a great article that has tested centrifugal and cold-press juicers that might be a great addition, if you're trying to decide on a juicer.

In case you're hungry right now and feel that a green juice won't do the job, check out my delicious Pasta Arrabiata recipe with a little twist. 🙂

What kind of juicers do you guys use? Or you prefer green smoothies instead? Feel free to share this post if you want to spread some juice love to this world 🙂 #theworldneedsmorejuice

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