Gluten-Free Sweet-Potato Brownies

Hi, my name is Kris and I am addicted to sweet treats. Sometimes when I start a meal I'm already thinking about the dessert. However we know that eating 5 Snickers bars or half a chocolate cake bought in the grocery store isn't a good idea! But what if I don't want to give up on my sweets? Seems like we need a healthier alternative, we need Sweet Potato Brownies...

Healthy desserts? Sweet Potato Brownies are the answer to our prayers!

Sweet Potato Brownies - ready to eat

Ready to eat

Sweet Potato Brownies don't contain any processed sugar, are vegan, gluten-free and on top of that, ridiculously easy to make. I wish someone would have told me that before the 7kg I gained at university 😉 But to be honest, nowadays, for me it's not about gaining or loosing weight anymore, I do really care what I eat though. I am doing a big detour around processed food, eat mostly vegan, buying local and in season products and whenever possible buying products in bio quality.

And these Sweet Potato Brownies from Deliciously Ella do fulfil all of the above mentioned criteria and they still taste, feel and look like real brownies. They are so nice and gooey & moist on the inside and still got that chocolatey taste to them. I love to make a big batch and then freeze part of them so I always have some in case of "emergencies", I mean you never know when you're in need of brownies, right?

Sweet Potato Brownies_ingredients

- only a few ingredients needed


  • 2 medium sweet potatoes (600gr.)
  • 2/3 of a cup of ground almonds (80gr.)
  • 1/2 cup of buckwheat flour (100gr.)
  • 14 medjool dates
  • 4 tbsp of raw cacao
  • 3 tbsp of maple syrup
  • a pinch of salt
  • cinnamon

Sweet Potato Brownies_step2Sweet Potato Brownies_step3


  1. peel & cut sweet potatoes in chunks
  2. pre-heat oven to 180°C
  3. steam sweet potatoes until they become really soft (20min)
  4. place sweet potatoes together with pitted dates into a food processor and mix it until you receive a really creamy texture *
  5. place all remaining ingredients except cinnamon into a bowl and stir well
  6. add sweet potato - date combination into the bowl and stir really well
  7. line a baking dish with parchment paper and add batter
  8. let it bake in the oven for about 20 min or until you can pierce in a toothpick and it comes out clean
  9. let it cool down for 10 min until you remove the Sweet Potato Brownies cake from the baking dish
  10. leave it another 10 min until you cut it into squares
  11. sprinkle cinnamon over the brownies and enjoy 🙂

And there it is, a delicious dessert with exclusively healthy ingredients that tastes delicious. I have to admit this is one of my favourite sweet treats at the moment. What are you favourite sweet treats?

You first want to have lunch or dinner before eating a delicious brownie? No problem, why not cooking a quick and easy Pasta Arrabiata?


*if your food processor is not very strong, blend the pitted dates first by themselves
*if you have a very small food processor you can blend the pitted dates and sweet potatoes together in batches
**this recipe is from the amazing Deliciously Ella




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