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Lifestyle-related diseases are the most common, costly and preventable of all health problems. So, why are they still happening?

Relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality are as important to your health as the food you eat. I know that and I will support you as a whole person. I will not prescribe quick fixes and medications. Those will fail. We will improve your health and wellness sustainably.

Be it a one-time power session, the 6 weeks intensive programme or my signature 3 months programme, we will decide together, which option suits your needs. I will adapt the programme to your specific needs, to make real sustainable changes in your life.
That is why I have a special invitation for you.

I would like to invite you to take your 1st step into a healthy & happy life and schedule your free 30 min discovery call with me.
You will get my undivided attention and help to achieve your health goals. So let’s get to know each other.

What you can expect

You will:

➤ get clear and specific health & wellness goals for you to use right now

➤ understand my method of coaching and how it will help you to achieve your goals

➤ and overcome your health struggles once and for all

Hormonstörungen und wie diese Energieverlust und Gewichtsstörungen verursachen können

Hormonstörungen natürlich ins Gleichgewicht bringen

Meinst du, du kannst deinen Energieverlust und Gewichtsprobleme mit Willenskraft und Selbstbeherrschung lösen? Eher nicht... Denn oft kann die Ursache ein körperliches Problem sein, so wie Hormonstörungen zum Beispiel ...
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hormone imbalance and what it has to do with energy loss and weight issues

Hormone imbalance can cause low energy among others

Are willpower and self-control the real solution to low energy and weight management issues? Maybe not. Have you ever heard of hormone imbalance? Because, it might actually be your (powerful) hormones. And we’re not just talking about sex hormones here; we’re talking about the hormones that directly affect your blood sugar, metabolism, and appetite. Things that actually control your energy and weight. Let’s go over a few of the critical links between your hormones, and how they affect your energy and weight. The links may be stronger than you think ...
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Nervenzusammenbruch - Dankbarkeit

Warum ich dankbar für meinen Nervenzusammenbruch bin

Ich weiß, es klingt komisch. Wie kann man dankbar sein für etwas, das einen total fertig macht - einen Nervenzusammenbruch. Gleich wirst du verstehen, wie mein geistiger Zusammenbruch mir geholfen hat herauszufinden, was ich im Leben möchte ...
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mental breakdown - featured image

Why I am grateful for my mental breakdown

I know that sounds weird. I mean, how can a total mental breakdown be good for anyone? But you'll understand in just a moment, how my nervous breakdown has helped me to find out what I actually want out of life ...
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New Year's resolutions - featured

How SMART goals make your New Year’s resolutions stick

So how many already have trouble to stick to their healthy New Year's resolutions? A new year is a great way to start with a clean slate and leave unhealthy habits behind. Right before New Years, we are still totally convinced that the next year will be the year that everything changes, then then first month into the new year, we realise that it's harder than imagined and by mid February, we realise that we probably won't be able to stick to all the healthy New Year's resolutions. So let me help you turn the tide ...
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Natural & healthy caffeine substitutes

my 6 favourite natural & healthy caffeine substitutes

So you want to consume less caffeine? From my personal experience, I know that it's not easy and to be honest, during my caffeine detox, I suffered quite a lot. That's why I want to share some natural & healthy caffeine substitutes with you here ...
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