How Social Interaction Can Boost Your Confidence Tenfold

Confidence is the key to improve many areas in your life. It helps you achieve daily goals, gives you a sense of purpose, and advances your career...

Fast Company shared a study by the Ohio State University that found a correlation between self-confidence and career paths. OSU defined confidence as having to continuously revise yourself, visualising different versions in the process. The more secure you are in picturing yourself in your goal, the more likely you’re going to achieve it.

Admittedly, confidence is not easy to acquire. Roy Baumeister of Florida State University discussed self-esteem with the BBC and shared that confidence is a product of a good family and a stable support system. Realistically speaking, a lot of people grow up and live their lives with neither. For some, they have to deal with their own self-esteem issues on their own.

Unbeknownst to many people, you can achieve confidence in an area where you need it the most: social interaction. Confidence is considered the height of your social skills, and it can only be sharpened if you continue to interact with people. There are many ways in which engaging in social interaction can be very beneficial to your self-esteem.

For starters, you can take command of any social situation by presenting yourself better. Poise and posture were mentioned in the advice section of Foxy Bingo as key elements for taking charge of your own life. The importance of standing up straight and maintaining eye contact in social graces was emphasised. You can build up your confidence further the more people you interact with.

Inc. magazine also suggests boosting your self-esteem by teaching other people your expertise in the specific industry you operate in. By doing so, you are reminding yourself of your own strengths and that you are fully capable of achieving goals and tasks. The magazine exclaims it to be a perfect exercise in knowing your self-worth.

In addition, getting feedback was highlighted by the Harvard Business Review as another factor in building up your confidence. Asking people for help automatically relieves you of any shyness. Their responses can give you sense of validation and security as well. Conversely, the criticism from other people can keep you grounded and humble.

As you learn who to interact with, you should also know who to avoid: toxic people. This is one of The Bridgemaker’s top tips in boosting your self-confidence. Don’t pay attention to individuals who contribute nothing to your self-esteem, as they can even make things worse by being detrimental elements. There will always be people – regardless of how long you have known them – who will strip you of confidence. As a telltale sign, their criticism is not constructive and are usually insulting. Such comments come from people who actually have very low confidence, and they are blinded by the misconception of gaining it by bringing others down.

If you begin or continue to act upon these tips, gaining more confidence and awareness to your self-worth is going to be a natural process. In turn, you will be able to live your life the way you want and achieve your goals along the way.

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