How To Lead a Positive Life - 5 Lifestyle Hacks

Positive energy is what gets you through the day. Always having a positive attitude is by far not as easy as it seems. That's why I'd like to share 5 awesome positivity hacks with you in this post that couldn't be any more simple.

I really worked a lot on my business those last months & weeks. One of the results is that I decided to include a larger variety of topics in my blogposts that I share with you. This one is part of the topic self-care. A topic which I am currently as well thinking & working a lot on.

Self-care & positivity hacks

I tend to have a negative attitude really fast usually. Especially if in the morning I wake up with a bad mood, it is super hard for me to turn my mood around. In the meantime, I tried a lot of different methods & tricks that really fast get me back on the positive attitude train. In this post, I'd like to share some of my positivity hacks that help me make my surrounding more positive. Unfortunately nowadays, we are naturally surrounded by negativity. People tend to rather let go of their frustrations on Facebook than their joy and news are always just about all the bad stuff that happened. But with the following 5 positivity hacks we can counteract that.

1. Smile, a lot

Ideally first thing in the morning when you wake up. Try this tomorrow morning, so when you wake up you just smile, even if you don't feel like and if you feel stupid doing so. The reason why sometimes you should just smile is because there is a direct link between your facial expressions and your brain activity. That means a "fake smile" will become a real smile, just try it right away. 🙂

positivity - children are the best teachers

2. Unfollow on Facebook

That might sound like a harsh step but honestly, our own wellbeing should be priority. Plus the people you unfollow don't know that you unfollowed them. Fact is that there are a lot of people out there that are super pessimistic and aren't afraid to let you know about that on social media. I'm sure you can think of some people you have on Facebook, which are always complaining. Of course, if you're reading their posts, this will have an effect on you. Ideally, take an hour or so where you go through your friends list on Facebook and unfollow (not unfriend) your pessimistic friends. It's going to make a big difference, I promise.

positivity hacks - facebook, as much as we love it, we hate it

3. Gratitude

Write down 3 things you are grateful for every single day. That's one of my favourite positivity hacks which really increases your positive attitude. Just write it down into a notebook or use an app to practice gratitude. An app I use is Bliss for example. This is especially helpful for days where you are in a really bad mood. If in those situations you force yourself to still find 3 things you are grateful for, you realise that there wasn't really a reason to be in a bad mood and that you were carrying this negative vibe with you around for nothing. If you practice gratitude regularly, you train your brain to actually be more positive.

positivity hacks - one main factor is gratefulness

4. Follow inspirational pages

What are your favourite social media channels? Mine are Facebook and Instagram. So especially on those channels, I follow quite some pages & influencers that always share positive & motivational quotes. Check out this post with 20 great accounts to follow for a positive newsfeed. Like that you make sure that your newsfeed is positive & motivational while scrolling through it. I recently bought a little notebook whose sole purpose is to write down my favourite quotes.

positivity hacks - Pinterest is perfect for quotes, make a board just for motivational quotes

5. Happy Playlist

Just thinking about it makes me happy. Put together a list for yourself with your favourite songs, that immediately will put you in a positive mood and make you smile. As soon as you realise, you are grumpy, feeling down or you are annoyed, play this list of songs. You're going to see, it will uplift you right away. If you don't have time to put together a list, there are some pretty cool ones on Spotify. Some of my favourites are, "Songs to sing under the Shower" , "Oldies but Goodies" and "Throwback Thursday". Most of these songs remind me of old times where I had a really good time and if you additionally know the lyrics by heart, so you can sing along, the only way is up...

positivity hacks - create a playlist that instantly lifts your mood

As you can see, there are quite some tips & tricks to increase positivity in your life. Whoever really wants to find a way, will find a way. Of course, we have those days where you just are in a bad mood but we should try to minimise the number of those days. With my 5 positivity hacks you're already set into the right direction.

What are your favourite strategies for more positivity in your life? And of course, I'm dying to know, what is your top song that makes you sing along & smile immediately?

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