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Yet again, this month, I choose my absolute favourites. It goes from cosmetics, to a very special test everyone should do, to a flu-prevention aid and something everyone needs to protect yourself against the cold & rain outside. All of that you can find in my favourites in October.

You'll see that my favourites in October got a lot to do with the changing of the seasons. Personally, I think it's super important to adapt body & mind to the changing. Admittedly, I'm usually not a fan of any season that's not called summer or at least spring. This year was different though and I enjoyed the slow changing from summer to autumn. Obviously autumn in Lisbon in something very different than autumn in Germany or Luxembourg. That means it went from 35-40 degrees to 15-20 degrees. So the following for things brought me safely into autumn.

My favourites in October

#1 warm lemon water with ginger

favourites in October - Lemonwater with Ginger

This is perfect for people with a weak immune system, like myself. Usually I catch the flu or at least a cold really fast but since 1 year, that changed. Nowadays I'm drinking hot lemon water with ginger at least 2-3 times per week. However, as soon as flu season starts, I'm doing my best to drink this magic potion every day.

Reason for that is that warm lemon water with ginger boosts your immune system. Lemon has loads of vitamin C which fortifies the immune system and helps our body to fight disease-causing agents. Additionally lemon juice acts as antioxidant and through that it can protect the cells in our body, plus it boosts our metabolism. Ginger improves the blood flow which especially when it's cold outside improves our general well-being. Its spicy essential oils act as slightly antibacterial, which supports the work of our mucous membranes.

You need to boil 0.5l of water, get the juice of half a lemon and peel and cut a piece of ginger about 2cm big. Add the ginger into a big cup and eventually press out it's liquid a bit, then add the lemon juice and the boiling water and wait for 7 minutes. If you want you can sweeten it with a bit of honey. Honey helps to calm irritated mucous. No doubt that this home remedy needs to be part of my favourites in October.

#2 Joules Boots

favourites in October - Joules Boots

As already mentioned, Lisbon isn't super cold during autumn but it becomes really wet due to all the rain.

To be honest, right now, I'm asking myself why I haven't already bought boots like that much earlier. When it's raining here, it really does pour with really strong wind. That means the rain hits you from the front, so an umbrella won't even help you much. Since many streets in Lisbon aren't taken care of much, a lot of water is accumulated in puddles or it's raining so much that the whole street is completely under water. Since 3 years, I'm trying to avoid those puddles with my sneakers but I usually end up with wet & cold socks.

So I guess you can understand that it was a bout time for some stylish rain boots. Joules really have a big choice in terms of boots, they have different colours, heights and the shoes are reasonably priced plus the shoes really keep your feet warm. I bought these boots for 44,81€ on Amazon. In my regular size 40, I can still comfortably wear warm socks in the boots.

#3 i+m Phyto Balance facial care

favourites in October - i+m natural cosmetics

If you've seen my Youtube video about natural cosmetics then you've seen those 2 products already. In this video I'm telling you as well a bit more about i+m as a brand (in German though). Taking good care of your skin is especially important when it's becoming colder outside, then your skin needs some extra care, that's why I've included these products into my favourites in October post.

I already tried a lot of different natural face creams but was never really satisfied with any of them. My skin tends to have a lot of impurities and spots and part of my face is too dry and the other part too oily. Most of natural face creams is either for dry skin or for oily skin but not for a combination.

Phyto Balance products from i+m are exactly made for this kind of skin, for skin that tends to have impurities, and is partially dry and partially oily, jackpot there. 🙂 If your skin has the same characteristics then I highly recommend you're trying this brand from Berlin.

#4 Determine your Dosha type

favourites in October - Dosha type test

If you've never heard of Dosha types, here is a short explanation. Determining your Dosha constitution is part of the ayurvedic lifestyle. Ayurveda is the oldest, traditional health system. It refers to a holistic life concept and it's main elements are: ayurvedic massages & detox techniques, well-founded nutrition teachings, spiritual Yoga practice and herbal medicine. Here applies that first you have to know your Dosha constitution and on this basis, you can adapt your diet or treat yourself with specific massages etc.

My constitution is Vata-Kapha, Vata represents the air & sky and Kapha represents water & earth. My Vata energy isn't balanced very well though. That's why I have some specific things to watch out for in my diet mainly. Ideally you let an ayurvedic doctor determine what type you are. Who is still curious to know what type they might be, for those, I can recommend you this test from Banyanbotanicals. Together with the evaluation you get some really great tips that are adapted to your type.

Whoever really wants to solve psychological or physical problems with the help of Ayurveda has to definitely get a consultation from a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. For someone who just wants to get a glance about Ayurveda definitely has a great start with this test.

Ayurveda is a topic that I'm super interested in and that I definitely want to acquire more knowledge about. If you know a lot about the topic, I would appreciate if you can share sources or books with me. If you have any, please let me know in the comments.

What have your favourites been this month? Or which of my 4 suggestions is your absolute favourite? Happy to read any comments about this topic 🙂

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