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Mental & Emotional Health with mindfulness, meditation & Yin Yoga

Here you can find my services for companies, organisations, educational institutions.

I am offering talks, keynote speeches & training about mental & emotional health, stress-management & living a balanced live with work and/or studying.



What you can expect from me:

➤ Relatable, authentic & honest content

➤ Actionable suggestions for workplace & home

➤ Suitable for everyone

What you shouldn't expect from me:

➤ Black and White answers (there usually is not one single right answer)

➤ I'm no physician, osteopath or psychologist, I am happy to recommend someone

➤ Me giving you all the answers/instructions without you having to work


Ready to get started?

Mental Health Morning

3 hours learning about mental health

In-House or Online

This is for your organisation, if you realise how important mental health and would like your team to learn more about it.

8 Week Meditation Course
Speaking Engagements

Want to chat about your health for free?

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