Top 21 healthy vegan beginner recipes | favourite food bloggers

Lately I get asked a lot ,if I can share some recipes that are easy to cook and don't need any specific kitchen appliances like a food processor or a blender. So I created a list of my top 21 healthy vegan beginner recipes for you. Almost all of them come from my very favourite food bloggers, that means you can be sure the recipes are awesome. 

These recipes are perfect for everyone that wants to change to a plant-based diet but doesn't want to invest yet into kitchen appliances or specific vegan ingredients. Or for someone that simply wants to include more vegan dishes into their diet.

I chose mainly recipes that are perfect for the autumn season so that you can use as many in-season veggies as possible for your recipes.

Healthy vegan beginner recipes - Minimalist Baker

So let's start with recipes from Minimalist baker . This is a blog that I'm following almost since day 1 of my diet transition and I have already tried sooo many of Dana's recipes. Her concept is that she always uses either max. 10 ingredients, or only 1 bowl or the time required is 30min. or less.

  1. 1-Pot Kale Sweet Potato Curry 
  2. Vegan Niçoise Salad 
  3. Curry Spiced Cashews 
  4. Asian Quinoa Salad 
  5. Garlic Chili Pasta with roasted Cauliflower - my all time favourite <3

Healthy Vegan Beginner Recipes - Oh She Glows

I already told you in my Kris <3 blogpost from August that the Oh She Glows Cookbook is my favourite cookbook. This is one of the 1st cookbooks I bought when I decided to change my diet. My cookbook is full with post-its and one of my go-to resources for nice home-made recipes.

  1. Glowing Spiced Lentil Soup
  2. Thick & Chunky Tomato Sauce from Scratch
  3. Not Your Average Potato Soup
  4. Mouth-Watering Crispy Brussels Sprouts
  5. Mushroom Risotto with Caramelised Onions

healthy vegan beginner recipes - brussel sprouts from Oh Shel Glows

photo credit - Oh She Glows

Healthy Vegan Beginner Recipes - Veganricha

She shares simple and delicious plant strong recipes that are often inspired by her Indian roots. On her website you can find a huge amount of plant-based recipes for every occasion you can imagine. I can literally always find a recipe on her website no matter when or what I crave.

  1. Easy Black Bean Burrito Bowl
  2. Easy Chickpea Curry Bowl
  3. Veggies and Lentils in Peanutsauce
  4. Chickpeas in Turmeric Peanut Butter Curry

Healthy Vegan Beginner Recipes - Green Kitchen Stories

Another vegetarian food blogger I love. Not all recipes are vegan but you can easily make them vegan. I love their recipes because they are always special and not very "main stream".

  1. One-Pot Butternut & Cabbage Stew
  2. Baked Aubergine with Brussels Sprout, Beluga & Pomegranate
  3. Roasted Zuccini & Funnel Chanterelles

healthy vegan beginner recipes - Green Kitchen Stories

photo from Green Kitchen Stories

Healthy Vegan Beginner Recipes - Sweet Potato Soul

There are many people that have never eaten Sweet Potatoes, which should be considered a crime 😉 Honestly, sweet potatoes are my favourite ingredient, be it for desserts, stews or as fries. Jenné from Sweet Potato Soul is an expert on that topic and she does amazing Youtube videos too.

  1. Sweet Potato & Caramelised Onion Toast
  2. Perfect Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  3. Sweet Potato & Lentil Buddha Bowl
  4. Sweet Potato Hash

healthy vegan beginner recipe - Sweet Potato Soul

photo from Sweet Potato Soul

I have some more favourite food bloggers but didn't share their recipes in this list because they require usually either a food processor or blender. If you'd like to have a full list of my favourite food bloggers, just let me know and I will do another blogpost about this.

Since these recipes are mostly main dishes, would you like another list like this one for breakfast ideas or desserts?

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