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Imagine changing the way you eat, feel, look, and think

You are tired of the dieting mindset.

You simply want to find a harmonious balance for your body, mind & soul.

That is what you'll achieve working with me.

Your body, mind & soul will create an environment that thrives to its fullest potential.

Your body can fight off disease and infection.

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What you’ll get from working with me:


➤ Understanding your body and what it needs

➤ Eating for health and not weight

➤ Sustainable healthy lifestyle tips

What you won't get from working with me:

➤ Quick fix solutions

➤ Extreme changes over a short period of time

➤ Me giving you all the answers


Ready to get started?

90 Minute Session

90-Min Power Session

This session is designed to be an individual private coaching session. It is useful if you have a singular specific need, want to follow up on a longer programme you took, want clarification on the path you are taking towards your healthy lifestyle. Or if you’re unsure that you can commit to a longer programme at this stage.

What you’ll get:

  • Form to fill in before the session to know what you want to focus on
  • 90 – min online coaching session to create a set of powerful action steps to support you in moving forward.
  • Personalised follow-up notes
  • Access to monthly healthy habits updates via email

Price: 87€

21 Day Challenge
Yoga & Nutrition Coaching
Healthy Lifestyle Design

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